New Video Profiles Northern Neck Orchestra

The Northern Neck Orchestra celebrates its 30th season with a new video that vividly captures the artistry and energy of the special ensemble of volunteer and professional musicians (see below).

The fast-paced profile, “Our Expanding Story — The Northern Neck Orchestra,” features observations on the Kilmarnock-based orchestra’s special character, musicianship and growth in popularity from Music Director Michael Repper, Violinist Arline Hinkson and Concertmaster Moises Cunha.

The participants note how the orchestra’s remarkable blend of musicians with a variety of experience and backgrounds, bond with its audience and engagement with the community have created an orchestra of exceptional talent and spirit.


What we have are phenomenal musicians
who come from all over to perform right
here in Eastern Virginia in a small community
of 1,500. You’re not going to find an
experience anything like it anywhere else.

— Michael Repper, Music Director


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